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„Transition begins with an end, and ends with a beginning.“

Since the outset of my professional career, my main emphasis of work has been placed on accompanying and initiating change and transition. In order to manage complexity and volatility, clients expect vast experience and a body of knowledge. I make available a broad state-of-the-art tool and method set which is applicable for clients' specific situations and topics.


With this program, the way is paved for the career switch. It ranges from the leaving of the company ("off boarding") to coming back and to positioning oneself ("on boarding") in a new task.


The program goes beyond conventional outplacement:

  • It also puts in hand the communicative, content-related and psychological level for successful transition.

  • You recognize the hidden connections and the leveraging effect of this phase.

  • You are primed for executive search-interviews, test procedures, networks of contacts, the mechanisms of recommendation and matters as regards reputation.

Further Fields of Work: 2nd and 3rd Career, Crisis Interventions, Career x.0


The desire for sound leadership is greater than ever. Leadership is by no means a constant factor - it calls for a newfound understanding of motivation, following, leading oneself and community management.

  • Generation Y and the upcoming Generation Z ask for a completely new behavioral pattern.

  • Innovations and disruption is on everyone's agenda.

  • Digital possibilities open new capacities.

  • Agile and creative settings are used.


In counseling, I prepare those in leading positions for the rapidly changing demands placed on staff leadership and the subsequent new enterprise interaction: adaptable leading on the front, experimental learning and managing, innovation-management, new values and patterns of conduct owing to new work and organizational models, intergenerational.

Work Fields: Leader's Incubator, Self Guideance, Performance and Tool-Update


Business shifts require new mindsets

The world of work today and tomorrow to a large extent demands a new mindset. What is implied here is, e.g., "a growth mindset". Frankly speaking, it concerns being curious and alert. This means welcoming the unknown. How your own market affects your success and how one cultivates it are areas you will come to know through our working together. By means of developmental psychology and attitude-tuning, I work on the individual mindset that shapes the thought and action logic. The counseling takes place beyond competence, skills or tools coaching. In this regard, it has to do with awareness-work and awareness-raising at the roots of one's character.

Frequent occasions for this include:

  • experience from thought and feeling blocks

  • managerial roles demanded in going from doing to being

  • disruptive and agile experiences in organizations

  • specific subjects that are not handled in business coaching


Work Fields: Agile Mindset-Transformation, Brain and Creativity, Mental Health

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