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about me


I work as executive counselor on an international basis. Decision makers from today and tomorrow rely on my expertise in career, management and leadership, and supervisory matters. In this regard, I draw on my extensive knowledge and experience and accompanies leaders to success and to pursuits as regards issues of reputation.


Top executives from the areas of economy, culture, politics, science, the media and administration benefit from my know-how of positioning, impact, assertion, implementation, and self-guidance.



Studied and graduated in Vienna, Austria, New York, USA

Trained and certified as international Counselor

Leadership Education Program at Harvard University

18 years of professional experience in Consulting field and in a large-scale enterprise

Owner of Personal Counseling since 2004

Author of several business books and university lecturer

Publishes the series Working Paper - instructions for self-guidance

Supervisory board member since 2008

Member of „Schiedsgericht der Universität Mozarteum“, Salzburg, since 2016

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